Extracting number of aminoacid change from variantions in R
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6.0 years ago
nkabo ▴ 60

I have a list of genes with several variances (file A). File A contains variations of several genes and colums are gene name and aminoacid change information(if there is a change, it is 1 if there is no aminoacid change, it is 0.) A gene can be seen more than once in the list representing different variations of a gene. I put the file a into a dataframe(a.df for example) I want to see which genes are repeated more than once and how many times these genes are repeated and after I obtain these gene names and number of repeat in a different dataframe(b.df for example), I want to check how many of these variations of a gene cause aminoacid change(for example, TP53 has 5 variations in file A, but only 2 of them cause aminoacid change. I want to take 2 for TP53 gene.) Could you suggest me a way to do it? Thanks in advance.

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