How to find % alignment of total reads to genic region?
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7.9 years ago
sun.nation ▴ 140

When we align reads to reference genome with gff annotation file, how can we know that ..% of total reads got aligned to annotated regions of the reference genome. Is there any tool to check this?

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7.9 years ago
brent_wilson ▴ 140

Something similar has been covered previously:

Extract Reads From A Bam File That Fall Within A Given Region

Short answer, Samtools has the functionality to extract a few known positions quite easily.

For the larger, more scalable solution, look to:

Extracting regions from .bam file using a .gff or .gtf file

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Thanks, second link worked:

gff2bed < Corca1_all_genes_20140615.gff > Corca.bed
cut -f1,2,3,8 Corca.bed > Corca-selected.bed
egrep -v "stop_codon|start_codon" Corca-selected.bed > corca-final.bed
bgzip corca-final.bed
tabix corca-final.bed.gz
bgzip after-snps_hardFilter_DPlt10_Nocall.vcf-ADgt10-biallelic.vcf
tabix after-snps_hardFilter_DPlt10_Nocall.vcf-ADgt10-biallelic.vcf.gz
bcftools annotate -a corca-final.bed.gz after-snps_hardFilter_DPlt10_Nocall.vcf-ADgt10-biallelic.vcf.gz -c CHROM,FROM,TO,ID > c1_c2_soy_annotate.vcf
grep -v "#" c1_c2_soy_annptate.vcf  > woheader.c1_c2_soy_annptate.vcf
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7.9 years ago
Jeffin Rockey ★ 1.3k

With default settings, most aligners allow multi-mappings for a read, and hence requires more caution with percentage wise statistics.

When exactly only one alignment per read is being considered ( the statistics is with respect to the primary alignment only or so), the below should suffice.

1) Get primary alignments only. samtools view -bh -F 256 all_aligned.bam >only_primary_aligned.bam

If the bam file has unaligned as well (as in bowtie2 or bwa) use 260 instead of 256.

2) Get primary alignment count

samtools view -c -F 256 all_aligned.bam >only_primaryAligned.bam.count (count of primary aligned reads)

3) Get primary alignments that has alignment with at least one gff feature (Please see -u documentation for bedtools intersect)

bedtools intersect -abam only_primaryAligned.bam -b annotation.gff3 -u -bed >annotations_intersection.bed

4) Take count of annotations_intersections.bed using wc -l or so (--> annotation_intersections.count)

(annotation_intersections.count/only_primaryAligned.bam.count)*100 should give percentage based on aligned reads.

(annotation_intersections.count/total_read_count)*100 should give percentage based on total reads.

But in the situation where you do not limit to primary alignments or uniquely mapped only, a read may have one or more alignments in genic regions as well as one or more alignments in inter-genic regions and so on.Hence appropriate consideration need to be given for these possible multiple alignments while calculating.


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