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4.6 years ago
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THIS IS A SPAM POST posed as a legitimate bioinformatics related question. This is probably the first bioinformatics spam in the history. We are keeping this post as a reference.


I am doing an independent research on the current evolutionary patterns of homo sapiens.

I am about to receive the raw FASTQ data of the WGS of a certain individual with unknown or novel mutations. The data might show some pieces of unknown sequences and they cannot be found in any database. The variance is not SNP-based and not seen before in the human populations sequenced to date.

I would like to map the data to the human genome and all other species in the animal kingdom. What is the protocol for further research on the leftover unknown/unusual sequences?

The targeted phenotype of the individual itself is undocumented and unknown, so the chromosomal or genetic mutations are definitely unmappable reads.

Please reply soon


Elgin Ong

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