News:Webinar: Detailed understanding of NGS quality control and file formats
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7.5 years ago

Greetings from Persistent LABS !!

Join us for the second webinar of our series on "Detailed understanding of NGS quality control and file formats" on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 11:30 AM IST (6:00 AM GMT) and 8:00 PM IST (2:30 PM GMT).

In the previous webinar we had discussed about challenges in NGS data analysis and different approaches to address them. Of the many challenges discussed, quality control of the sequencing data is major, as inclusion of any poor quality data will affect the downstream processes and eventually the results. In this webinar we will discuss about various quality control strategies for different steps of the analysis to ensure a successful and meaningful study. We will also discuss in detail about commonly generated file formats such as sam, bed and vcf.

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