Need Clarity/ Suggestions on Medip Seq Data analysis
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7.4 years ago

Dear sir/mam,

i Have few queries related to MeDip Seq Data analysis.

I have illumina MedipSeq data(Treatment sample R1,R2 and Normal Control data R1,R2). for which i have done initially mapping with bowtie2 and then used MACS for get peaks with scores then based on scores want to identify DMRs. so the question is, Is this the right way to do MedipSeq analysis. After Mapping the reads shall i remove duplicate reads ?, Is it great to just fetch only aligned mapped reads as bam file for DMR analysis.

I have read few papers like

  1. Methylome analysis using MeDIP-seq with low DNA concentrations
  2. Computational Analysis and Integration of MeDIP-seq Methylome Data

in these papers they have used MEDIPS, MeDUSA, BATMAN tools for MedSeq Analysis. is it better way to follow this protocol

Need help

thank you

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7.4 years ago

The best package I found was MEDIPS.

Here is the link for the tutorial

If the genome of your species of interest is not available in MEDIPS, you will be required to create your own. See the below link for the tutorial to create your custom genome.


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