How to extract FORMAT information (GT, PG, PI, etc) from each SAMPLE in a vcf file using pyvcf in python?
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4.3 years ago
kirannbishwa01 ★ 1.3k

I want to extract the GT, PG and PI information from all the samples of a vcf. I have python script and reading throught pyVCF module I can extract information from one sample but not from all. And, I am looking for the solution scrictly in python using pyvcf. I can probably read the file (vcf) as txt and parse through each line but I am hoping that pyVCF can be used (which I prefer).

Below is the structure of my vcf file:

#CHROM  POS ID  REF ALT QUAL    FILTER  INFO    FORMAT  2ms01e  2ms02g  2ms03g  2ms04h
2   1738    .   A   G   4693.24 PASS    AC=2;AF=0.250;AN=8;set=Intersection GT:AD:DP:GQ:PB:PC:PG:PI:PL:PW      0|1:389,92:481:99:.,.,.,.,.:1.0:0|1:1020:1748,0,12243:0|1       0/0:318,0:318:99:.:.:0/0:.:0,120,1800:0/0       0|1:270,53:323:99:.,.,.,.,.:1.0:0|1:1258:990,0,9096:0|1     0/0:473,0:473:99:.:.:0/0:.:0,120,1800:0/0
2   1764    .   A   C   51892.85    PASS    AC=5;AF=0.625;AN=8;set=Intersection GT:AD:DP:GQ:PB:PC:PG:PI:PL:PW      1|0:102,415:517:99:.,.,.,.,.:1.0:1|0:1020:12332,0,2817:1|0      1/1:0,356:356:99:.:.:1/1:.:12587,1069,0:1/1     1|0:65,301:366:99:.,.,.,.,.:1.0:1|0:1258:9337,0,1279:1|0    0/1:281,353:634:99:.:.:0/1:.:10325,0,7548:0/1
2   1921    .   T   C   4465.03 PASS    AC=0;AF=0.00;AN=6;set=Intersection  GT:AD:DP:GQ:PG:PL:PW    0/0:1,0:1:3:0/0:0,3,35:0/0  ./.:0,0:0:.:./.:0,0,0:./.   0/0:1,0:1:3:0/0:0,3,39:0/0  0/0:2,0:2:6:0/0:0,6,80:0/0

Below is the python script I wrote:

vcf_file = vcf.Reader(open('RNAseq.phased_variants.Final_sub.vcf', 'r'))
    for record in vcf_file:
    contig = record.CHROM
    pos = record.POS
    ref_allele = record.REF
    alt_alleles = ",".join(map(str, (record.ALT[::])))
    genotype_2ms02g = record.genotype('2ms02g')['GT']
    phased_2ms02g = record.genotype('2ms02g')['PG']
    PI_2ms02g = record.genotype('2ms02g')['PI']
    call_2ms02g = record.genotype('2ms02g') # calling the record values of the sample 2ms02g
    gt_bases_2ms02g = call_2ms02g.gt_bases   #This reports the genotype as letters (nucleotide code)

Problem #1:

I can repeat the procedure for other samples as:

    genotype_2ms01e = record.genotype('2ms01e')['GT']
    phased_2ms01e = record.genotype('2ms01e')['PG']
    PI_2ms01e = record.genotype('2ms01e')['PI']
    call_2ms01e = record.genotype('2ms01e') 
    gt_bases_2ms01e = call_2ms01e.gt_bases

But, I want to call these values from all the samples and write it as a table. vcf file may have many samples and I want to call the values from all the samples without doing so for each sample separately.

Finally I want to write the variables as tables

    output = open("2ms02gVcf_to_table-Markov.txt", "a")
    output.write(contig + '\t' + str(pos) + '\t' + ref_allele + '\t' + str(alt_alleles) + '\t' + genotype_2ms01e + '\t' + phased_2ms01e +'\t' + str(PI_2ms01e) + '\t'+ gt_bases_2ms01e + '\t' + same for other samples........ +'\n')

Problem #2:

Not, all sites (or lines) have PG and PI values. I wanted to throw an exception error using (by adding below script) but its not working.

        phased_genotype = record.genotype('2ms02g')['PG']
        phase_block_index = record.genotype('2ms02g')['PI']
    except IndexError:
        phased_genotype = '.'
        phase_block_index = '.'

Thank you advance !

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4.3 years ago
Noushin N ▴ 590

Problem 1

It can be addressed by using python list comprehensions as follows:

If you are sure that all samples include GT field, you can use:

sample_genotypes = [record.genotype(sampleID)['GT'] for sampleID in sampleIDs]
print >>output, '\t'.join([contig, pos, ref_allele, ','.join(alt_alleles)] + sample_genotypes)

Problem 2

In the exception clause KeyError is more appropriate here.

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Upvoted, but don't use print >> output. Use output.write()
print >> is considered old, bad synthax and should be avoided.

Alternatively: print("hi there", file=output)

See also

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Thanks for the tip! I wasn't aware that this syntax is discouraged.

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@Noushin: I tried using KeyError but that didn't help. Can you look into this problem: PyVCF is giving 'AttributeError' when extracting values from FORMAT and SAMPLE column.

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I can use the above code with PG and PI. So, if these fields are missing in the line how do I handle it. Also, I have unresolved reference (i.e NameError) for sampleIDs.

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Have you defined your sampleIDs variable before referencing it?

Regarding PG and PI fields, here is a fix that can handle missing values:

sample_PG = [record.genotype(sampleID).get('PG') if 'PG' in record.genotype(sampleID) else '.'  for sampleID in sampleIDs]
sample_PI = [record.genotype(sampleID).get('PI') if 'PI' in record.genotype(sampleID) else '.'  for sampleID in sampleIDs]

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But, the problem with NameError still exists. NO, I have not defined sampleIDs variable any where. I recently changed the structure of my code which handles the extraction of the fields in a better way but exception error still exists. Can you please look into this: PyVCF is giving 'AttributeError' when extracting values from FORMAT and SAMPLE column.

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The way I refferenced the sampleIDs is this:

sampleIDs = record.samples[::]

Is something wrong with it?

Then I called: sample_genotypes = [record.genotype(sampleID)['GT'] for sampleID in sampleIDs]


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