Job:Looking for a Bioinformatics Internship in Europe
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7.0 years ago
dicochea • 0

Hello, my name is Nephtali Dicochea. I am a MSc. Bioinformatics student. I am about to conclude my studies this summer. Actually I am looking for a training, internship or job position related with the Biotechnology field where my experience in Bioinformatics and Computer Science may be valuable. I consider myself a very enthusiastic person when it comes to learning and commitment. I would like to ask for experience about this, What would be a good place to apply? If someone is interested or knows something, please you can contact me here or to my email:

I leave this open application and my CV for further information if any future interest, thanks in advance.

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Hey Nephtali,

I think you need to specify your interest more. Bioinformatics is a broad field and there are hundereds of groups in Europe (in academia, you are not specifying whether you want to go there or into industry), you might get a contact through this but honestly I in your position would rather go looking on my own in a field I am interested in. It also really depends on whether you can finance you self or need a paid position as those are hard to come by and even harder to get a visa for in the few month until summer. If you do not need that, I recommend you to write a targeted (<- very important) email to groups you are interested in. Group leaders are used to getting hundereds of unspecific emails from students asking for internships, you should stand out to have a good chance getting one.


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