Job:Bioinformatics Software Engineer - remote from Minneapolis possible?
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6.5 years ago
brian.repko ▴ 20

I'm a bioinformatics software engineer ( that lives in Minneapolis, MN for family reasons. While the Twin Cities have tons of medical device work and pharmaceutical manufacturing - there isn't a lot of biomedical / pharmaceutical research in the immediate area (The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is a long commute).

I currently work remote to Cambridge, MA but am wondering how to find biomedical / pharmaceutical research work - as a bioinformatics software engineer - given where I live. Does it make sense to work through recruiters in the Boston area? Focus more on software companies that do bioinformatics software? Any recommendations?

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6.4 years ago
mark.pitman ▴ 20

Hi Brian,

I'm starting up an invite only bioinformatics marketplace.

There is a vetting process to qualify to bid on projects. All projects on the marketplace are verified and clients escrow payments so payment is assured.

If you're interested in learning more and going thru the vetting process I'm happy to talk.

You can contact me at

Mark Pitman


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