Can anyone suggest me a good pipeline to perform SNP calling on haployd organisms?
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6.9 years ago


I was wandering if anyone might suggest me a good pipeline to perform SNP calling on haployd organisms.

I am currently using this one:

samtools mpileup -guf reference_genome.fa target_organism.sort.bam |

bcftools view -cg - | varFilter –Q 20 - > result_vcf

The problem with this pipeline is that it treats a lot of errors as SNP. I find myself with many heterozigous SNPs that are caused by the presence of a read with an error (because there might be 8 reads with the sequence of the reference and 1 with the error).

If I filter out the heterozigous SNPs I risk losing information for the same reason (1 read with an error might cause the SNP to be considered heterozygous and therefore excluded).

I am considering the possibility of using the deepness of the SNPs to filter them, but my coverage is not so high and I would risk losing data concerning regions covered by just 2 or 3 reads.

Any suggestions?

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