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5.6 years ago
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I am trying to download data from the Human Microbiome Project using Aspera (ascp). I can't figure out the right path to get the data and I don't find any information about it out there. On their website, they give an example of command to retreive an example dataset:

 ascp -l 100M -QT /path/to/local/directory

I executed this, using my own username, from this I am asked my password, and I can authenticate. But then I get the following error:

(Error: Server aborted session: No such file or directory)

Then, I downloaded the manifest file via the HMP portal. In this manifest, they provide the path to which these files are supposed to be available. I tried to execute again the command with one of those path, provided by the manifest file:

ascp -l 100M -QT  /path/to/local/directory

I again get the same error of "No such file or directory".

The full url provided by the manifest file is the following:

I tried putting different chunchs of this adress into to ascp command but nothing work. So my question is, has anyone retrieved data from the HMP portal recently and figured out how to do so? I need to download hundreds of files and these are huge so I need to do so via something like ascp, can't do it manually. I never managed to install the hmp_client.

Thank you, Camille.

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