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3.9 years ago

A postdoctoral position for a computational biologist is available in the interdisciplinary lab of Dr. Golnaz Vahedi. The Vahedi laboratory is part of the Department of Genetics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. We are also a member of the Institute for Immunology ( and a core member of the Epigenetics Institute ( Our laboratory is multidisciplinary, integrating computational and experimental approaches to develop a single to collective cell understanding of gene regulation in immune cells. We blend epigenomics, human and mouse genetics, immunology, and computational biology to pursue a new understanding of gene regulation in the immune system. We use bulk assays including ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, and chromatin conformation assays such as HiChIP, in addition to cutting-edge single-cell assays such as single-cell (sc)ATAC-seq and scRNA-seq. We take advantage of natural genetic variations in multiple strains of mice as an in vivo mutagenesis screen to assess the genome-wide effects of sequence variations on transcription factor binding, epigenomics and transcriptional outcomes in primary T cells. Our data integrations rely on available computational pipelines. We also develop novel computational techniques to fully understand the complexity of multidimensional epigenomics datasets in T cells. The latest publication from the lab featured on the cover of the Cell Press journal of Immunity accompanied with a News and Views article is demonstrates our multidisciplinary research program:

Candidates are required to hold a PhD in computer science, engineering, bioinformatics or related programs. Expertise in machine learning and statistics in addition to programing in Python and R in a Unix environment is required. Experience in genomics and epigenomics will be viewed favorably. Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated experience in analyzing genome-wide chromatin conformation or single-cell genomics data sets. Further information about our lab could be found at Interested applicants should submit a CV to

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