Adding GO annotations to the existing heatmap of DEG
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3.6 years ago

Hello Sir/madam,

I have a heatmap of DEG from a microarray data, and i have used ComplexHeatmap package for annotation, heatmap

i want my this heatmap to be annotated with GO terms obtained from DAVID annotation tool.

i have found one reference image of heatmap where they have annotated the heatmap with GO termsheatmap with GO annotations, in this image of heatmap the left most column shows the GO terms

Similarly i want to annotate my heatmap with the GO terms as the reference image. So how to plot such type of heatmap when i already have the DAVID GO terms.

(this is the link of the reference paper research paper with refernce image)

Any R sample code would help me to find the solution, such as how to design the data frame of GO terms for row annotation using ComplexHeatmap

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We were just discussing this same issue, here: Annotating DEG Heatmap by Go terms

You do not need to open a new thread.



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