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4.6 years ago
11yj3312 ▴ 10

Hi friends! Now I have a batch of paired-end sequencing data,I don't know whether mageck can handle paired-end sequencing data,I don't find appropriate parameters.What do you do with paired-end sequencing data? I try just use R1 sequencing data mapped with sgRNA library,but only about 60% reads can be mapped.What is the probable cause?How can I improve it?

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Hi there, I'm not a MAGeCK expert, but I find it difficult to understand what you're trying to achieve. I encourage you to improve your title (e.g. include MAGeCK and PE) to help the right people find your post

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2.8 years ago
dsull ★ 3.3k

I was having the same question as the original poster, and although this is an old question, I wanted to post an answer:

MAGeCK now has paired-end read support:

You use the --fastq-2 option, as follows:

mageck count -l library.txt -n prefix --sample-label A,B,C,D --fastq A_1.fq.gz B_1.fq.gz C_1.fq.gz D_1.fq.gz --fastq-2 A_2.fq.gz B_2.fq.gz C_2.fq.gz D_2.fq.gz

In the example above, we have four samples: A, B, C, D, each of which are associated with a pair of fastq files (for paired-end reads). For example, sample A has A_1.fq.gz and A_2.fq.gz associated with it. The order of the files in the --fastq-2 option should be consistent with the order in the --fastq option. The way the algorithm works (or at least my understanding of it): iff the first read pair doesn't map successfully, then it will try mapping the second read pair.

(Note: The above applies to the current MAGeCK version:


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