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3.4 years ago
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Dear all, we will run a RAD-seq data analysis Workshop based on Stacks 2.0 this July (2nd-6th) in Berlin, with Dr. Julian Catchen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; and Dr. Josie Paris (University of Sussex, UK).

In this course, we will introduce the different approaches for obtaining reduced representation genome sequencing data and will specially focus on the data analysis. We will cover all necessary steps to obtain genome variants from short read data that are informative for population genetics, phylogenetic and association studies.

This course is aimed at researchers and technical workers who are generating and/or analyzing reduced representation genome sequencing data (RAD-seq, ddRAD, 2bRAD, GBS,…). Examples demonstrated in this course will involve primarily non-model organisms and examples of applications of this data type for different purposes will be covered. Attendees should have a background in biology. We will dedicate one session to some basic and advanced Linux concepts. Attendees should have also some familiarity with genomic data such as that arising from NGS sequencers.

Please visit our website to have more information about the course content:

Here is the full list of our courses and Workshops:

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