Tool:FusionHub: A unified web platform for annotation and visualization of gene fusion events in human cancer
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3.5 years ago
pbpanigrahi ▴ 410

Hi all

I have recently developed a web platform, FusionHub, a single platform for gene fusion data analysis. It supports annotation, visualization and siRNA designing for fusion genes.

It has 4 modules

FusionSearch module

  • Allows to annotate fusion genes across 28 different fusion resources like
    • Cosmic, ChimerKB, ChimerPUB, ChimerSEQ, ChiTaRS, Farecafe, TicDB,Tumor Fusion Portal, FusionCancer, ConjoinG, 18Cancers, Oesophagus_Dataset, Gliomas_Dataset, Prostate_Dataset, Pancreases_Dataset, Klijin_Dataset, Known_Fusions, 1000Genome, Bodymap2, HPA, Non_Tumor_Cells, Babiceanu_Dataset, Banned_Dataset, GTEx_Dataset, Fimereli_Dataset, Cortex_Dataset, ChromothripsisDB databases.
  • Allows to map fusion genes to functional domain (Pfam databases)
  • Allows to map fusion genes to kegg/Biocyc pathway databases
  • Allows to check for non-protein coding fusion genes if any

FusionView module

  • Allows to visualize fusion events via three different modes of visualization

    • Circos view: provide a holistic picture of different chromosomes (inter and intra) involved in gene fusions via circos plot.
    • Domain view: allows to view different ways by which head/tail genes fused together and maintain domain integrity.
    • Network view: allows to explore fusion partnerships via gene fusion network

Oncofuse module

Oncofuse is a tool designed to predict the oncogenic potential of fusion genes. This module aids in running oncofuse for you.

siRNA designing module

This interface design siRNA sequences using a combination of 4 prediction tools namely BiLTR, siDirect, eRNAi and RNAxs.

Hope this will be useful. The paper is published here.

Please report any bug or suggest any ideas to improve the utility.



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