Can BEAGLE run efficiently on a laptop?
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3.3 years ago

I would like to run BEAGLE (Refined IBD) using ~10 VCF files downloaded from DNA Land (generated from commercial SNP DNA tests), from a pedigree consisting of DNA tested individuals sharing up to 8th degree relationships. I would also like to run an R package (GENLIB) for additional utility (gene dropping simulation) including some structural analysis of the pedigree (which has a high degree of endogamy/consanguinity).

Will a high-end laptop (e.g. msi GS65 i7, 16GB, NVIDIA GTX1070, 512GB SSD) work? I am making some progress with R on a simpler laptop but will have to bootstrap into Linux on the msi which is windows 10 OS. Any special considerations I should be aware of as I have yet to determine whether this computer platform is sufficient for this type of data manipulation and analysis.

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