Performing differential binding analyses between ChIP samples using Deeptools (SES method normalization)
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5.7 years ago
a.rex ▴ 350

I have 2 conditions under which I performed ChIP, each with 3 replicates. I want to perform differential binding analyses between them. I generally get a coverage file using the bamCoverage tool in deep tools (with the SES method) - this allows me to visualise my ChIP signal tracks and compare. But I really want to get a list of regions which are different; in the past peak calling methods have not been useful as the MACS peak calling for my samples tend to be wrong and I think it is because SES is more sensitive at look at enrichment over input.

Any ideas how I can avoid using MACS but still do this DiffBind type of analysis?

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4.9 years ago
Jingyue ▴ 70

You can use Csaw ( it use window-based method for differential binding analysis and can avoid using peaks from MACS2.


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