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5.0 years ago
elia.brodsky ▴ 340

Free bioinformatics training resources typically require a whole set of installations and pre-requisites until you get into anything interesting. For most people that initial learning curve is going to make the bioinformatics training materials a struggle until we either "get the hang of it" or give up. The reward would be a certificate of achievement or some kind of skill we develop as a result of training, but that does not address the issue of attracting non-bioinformaticians or those that do not know they might be interested in bioinformatics.

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Biologists for example!

And the opposition to user-friendly tools also comes from within. Bioinformaticians are proud of acquiring skills that are hard and require experience. Making it accessible and easy diminishes the value... or does it? Maybe it just makes life simpler for the common biologist and therefore, makes the essence of bioinformatics of higher priority rather than the technical tool?

So what kind of free training in bioinformatics is available for non-bioinformaticians? OmicsLogic - that is the program that will help you go as little or as deep into the complexities of bioinformatics, all the while without scaring you away (hopefully) in the very beginning. Give this online resources in bioinformatics a try here:

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5.0 years ago
Mirko ▴ 20

Looks very promising, possibly with the companion of a book like Essentials of Bioinformatics, published by Springer Nature in March. Disclaimer: I am the first author of the chapter on Protein Structure Annotations.


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