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Introduction to Bioinformatics is a free online course that focuses on big data bioinformatics. The course details applications of bioinformatics in basic research, healthcare, and industry. From a historical perspective, advances in bioinformatics led to major discoveries and breakthroughs. That is the reason why so many biologists see the need to develop data science skills as an essential part of their research experience.

Introduction to Bioinformatics Online Course on T-Bio.Info

The introduction to bioinformatics course topics are:

Introduction to Big Data Bioinformatics Bioinformatics in Healthcare Translational Bioinformatics

This free online course is designed to introduce undergraduate and graduate-level students in biology or related fields to the field of bioinformatics, or the intersection of informatics and biology, and the opportunities that come with the available big data for research and industry. Students will receive an introduction to some of the many exciting ways this discipline is applied in health care, agriculture, environmental sciences, public health, and more. Learn more and register here:

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