Converting MAF to Fasta
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2.3 years ago
little_more ▴ 40

I used Mugsy for multiple alignment. Now I want to convert an output MAF file to a fasta file. I know that mugsy provides a script but I don't understand how to use it (I don't know Perl). In the description of the script it says that it should be called this way:

./ [label] < maf > fasta

Does it mean I need to provide maf file and the name of the output fasta file or I need to provide the names of the input fasta files with genomes? The script doesn't print anything so I can't understand what's going on there.

Or maybe someone knows other ways to convert MAF to fasta?

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OK, let your maf file called myfile.maf and we want the output fatsa file to be myfile.fasta

Then we use this command:

./ < myfile.maf > myfile.fasta

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