Question on targeted quantile-quantile normalization
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2.4 years ago
franc.jian ▴ 40

Dear all, I have a theoretical question concerning the normalization of cross-platform DNA methylation data. I would like to compare signals from both Illumina450K array and eRRBS/WGBS assays.

The Beta distribution of those signal is quite different, so I'm using the R function to perform a targeted quantile-quantile normalization. After normalization, my array signal closely resembles the one from NGS based techniques. However, I am concerned about 2 issues:

  • First, am I forcing the introduction of a signal which is not there? Is my procedure sound?
  • Second, what is the most legit target choice for the qq-normalization distribution, given that I am dealing with tumor and normal samples? Looking at different samples or sample-groups, they display different signal density, thus changing the result I obtain after normalization.

Thank you for your kind attention, best

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