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4.2 years ago

We're excited to be running a brand new course this summer: 'Metagenomics and Metabarcoding' taught by experts in the field from: the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh; The Roslin Institute; and Edinburgh Genomics.

Metagenomics and Metabarcoding - 28-30 August 2019 BRAND NEW

This course focuses on the computational methods used to analyse the wealth of data produced by shotgun metagenomics and metabarcoding (Amplicon targeted metagenomics) studies.

This course will provide you insights in to DNA metabarcoding analyses, from preprocessing and quality control of the raw data to the construction of OTU/ASV tables, taxon assignment, diversity analysis and differential abundance analysis using QIIME2. Further, you will also learn about methods to generate the reference-based profile to generate microbial community features like taxonomic abundances or functional profile and how to identify the ones characterizing differences between two biological conditions.

You will then be introduced to methods used for assembly from metagenomics samples. Attendees will use tools to assemble metagenome assembled genomes (MAGs) from short read and long read data. We will discuss the different approaches and tools available for these assemblies and the benefits and limitations of each options.

Tutors: Urmi Trivedi, Bioinformatician, Edinburgh Genomics; Amanda Warr, Research Geneticist, Roslin Institute; Rob Stewart, Bioinformatician, Roslin Institute; Albert Phillimore, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh (guest lecturer); Nathan Medd, Training and Outreach Manager, Edinburgh Genomics (demonstrator)

Registration fee: £500 (including lunches and refreshments)

Where: Peter Wilson Building, The Kings Buildings, Edinburgh

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Kind Regards

Nathan - Training and Outreach Manager

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