Job:Senior Site Reliability Engineer
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Job Function Summary:

Involves serving as the technical administrator for hardware, operating systems, and network management. Plans and coordinates the installation, configuration and testing of hardware and software components. Work may involve central or departmental computer systems and networks. Includes web systems administration.

Generic Scope:

A technical leader with a high degree of knowledge in the overall field and recognized expertise in specific areas; problem-solving frequently requires analysis of unique issues/problems without precedent and/or structure. May manage programs that include formulating strategies and administering policies, processes, and resources; functions with a high degree of autonomy.

Custom Scope:

Applies advanced systems infrastructure concepts and institutional objectives to resolve highly complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors. Selects methods, techniques and evaluation criteria to obtain results. Takes ownership of optimization of administrative task automation. Gives presentations to the associated team and other technical units. Evaluates new technologies including performing moderate to complex cost/benefit analyses. May lead a team of systems/infrastructure professionals.

Department Overview:

Comprising diverse researchers from a variety of disciplines across academic divisions, the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute leads UC Santa Cruz’s efforts to unlock the world’s genomic data and accelerate breakthroughs in health and evolutionary biology. Our platforms, technologies, and scientists unite global communities to create and deploy data-driven, life-saving treatments and innovative environmental and conservation efforts while addressing the most fundamental societal and policy questions.

The Computational Genomics Platform (CGP) team uses big data technologies to facilitate genomic research for global health issues such as breast cancer and other genetic risk factors. The team collaborates with many universities and institutes around the world. Examples of projects include supporting a global team to create the Human Cell Atlas, a compendium that maps gene activity in each cell in the human body, and the National Health Institute Data Commons project, which is about developing the technology to share and combine controlled access to genomic data across different institutes. If you are excited to work in a fast-paced, startup-like environment within an institution of higher education in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, we encourage you to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

10% - Applies advanced systems/infrastructure concepts to define, design and implement highly complex systems, services and technology solutions. Proposes and implements a highly complex system or device enhancements such as software, hardware, and network configurations

40% - Independently manages systems and services for cloud storage systems with Genomics Institute-wide scope and makes recommendations for purchases or upgrades. Performs complex and advanced analysis to acquire, install, modify and support operating systems, databases, utilities and web-related tools. Selects methods and techniques to obtain solutions. Interacts with senior management. May perform complex network integration tasks and interoperability assessments for interconnected servers or components of clusters for communication. May supervise other systems/infrastructure professionals.

30% - Specifies, writes and executes highly complex software and scripts to support systems management, log analysis and other system administration duties for multiple, highly integrated systems.

20% - Maintains complex security systems. Interprets and adopts campus, system and regulation-based security policies to control access to networked resources. Provides recommendations and requirements on network access controls.


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