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2.7 years ago
Nico ▴ 190

Hello everyone,

The last time I was here was 5 years ago (see post), and since then eLabFTW grew tremendously!

So I wanted to present this tool that I made with love to this community again (I believe I'm being reasonable in the frequency :p).

It's an electronic lab notebook, so you can use it to store your experiments. But it also has a very flexible database for storing all kind of items (e.g. protocols) and a myriad of features that were requested by the community and added to the application.

It is now used by numerous organizations worldwide, available in 13 languages, with Trusted Timestamping, experiments templates, pdf/zip/csv exports and more, and all of that for free! ;)

If you are interested in such a tool, you can check out these links:

It's something that should be installed on a server (preferentially with Docker). And you use it through your favorite web browser.

Let me know what you think about it, I'll come back here to read your remarks and answer your questions!



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I have installed the eLabFTW. When I am trying to view the Database tables in the MySQL Workbench it's not showing. Any idea how to view the tables information.

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Hello, please use the proper support channel:


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