Job:Software Developer I - Genomics at The University of Alabama at Birmingham
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4.8 years ago
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To maintain genomic software and provide input in the design and execution of projects related to the analysis of variants identified from next-generation sequencing and other omics or related technologies.

To be involved in every aspect of developing genomic software and cultivate inter team relations as a Junior Developer. To learn and expand understanding of the Genomic domain. To strive for excellent software development processes.


  1. Plan, Design, Develop, Review, Test, Deploy, Maintain, and Enhance Software.
  2. Participate and periodically lead in routinely scheduled team meetings via written and oral communications.
  3. Engage in personal and team process improvement.
  4. Explore and enhance understanding of the Genomic Domain.
  5. Perform other duties as assigned.


Associates degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or a related field and two (2) years of related experience required. Work experience may substitute for education requirement.

Annual Salary: $47,486.40 - $74,484.80

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