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4.7 years ago

We are embarking on an attempt to improve UMI-tools and bring it up to date to deal with the size and complexity of today's datasets and techniques. To do this we need to know what it is that you would want UMI-tools to be able to do that it doesn't now, or whether you just need it to go faster and use less memory!

We are asking two things:

  • We would appreciate people filling in our survey on the future of the tool here:
  • If you thing that an improved UMI-tools or better supported UMI-tools would be of particular use to you, we might ask if you would be willing to write a letter of support to help us secure the resources to continue to support the tool and develop it further. This is particularly true if you are from the UK or use/would like to use UMI-tools in a non-academic setting.
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