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3.9 years ago
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Dear all,

This December we will run two R courses at the Free University (FU) Berlin (Germany), that might be of your interest:

1) 5-day course on Data Visualization in-depth (9-13 December):

In this week-long course, you will learn how to design visualisations such as charts, maps and interactive graphics, which bring insight and understanding to your audience. You will learn about perception, the design process and the tools that you can use to make visualising easy. The course is highly interactive with group exercises throughout.

There will be two versions: for those who wish to practice some coding, for example with R, and for those who wish to work on paper throughout. In the last two days, participants in their groups will carry out a larger "project", where we present real-life data with a briefing from a researcher. The challenge will be to produce some visualisations and pitch them to the researcher on the last day, with feedback on your project work.

2) 3-day course on RMarkdown (9-11 December):

This course is designed for academics and graduate students with an interest in reproducible research using Rmarkdown. We will cover all of the important techniques for generating elegant, reproducible documents in a wide variety of formats. A strong emphasis on hands-on exercises means that attendees will get ample opportunities to generate their own documents and gain experience of producing advanced and sophisticated documents using Rmarkdown.

Here you can find the complete list of our courses and Workshops:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

All the best,

Carlo Pecoraro, Ph.D
Physalia-courses DIRECTOR
Twitter: @physacourses
mobile: +49 17645230846!forum/physalia-courses

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