News:The Art of Bioinformatics Scripting. A new book in the Biostar Handbook collection.
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4.7 years ago

The Biostar Handbook has grown huge :-) it is now close to 1000 pages! To manage this complexity we have started reworking the various chapters into independent books.

The first section that has been reworked into a standalone book covers Unix Scripting and is titled:

Bioinformatics Data Analysis

We have tried our best to balance two competing needs: maintain simplicity yet avoid sacrificing proper software engineering principles. The book aims to promote concepts that lead to clean and functional programming that will translate to higher-order programming languages as well. The guide is opinionated and passionate about some subjects - but our readers know, that the whole book is like that :-)

The reorganization will allow readers to more easily locate the information that they need. It will allow us to design and formulate specific training plans that are customized to specific needs.

As always, all new content is included with your subscription.

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How can I download this book in pdf.


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