Interpreting a p-value from a fisher exact test?
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4.5 years ago
a4appy23 ▴ 50

I did an fisher exact test to investigate if DE genes are significantly overrepresented in terms of diabetes genes.

I got an p value of 0.83. other than accepting and rejecting the null hypothesis based on cut off value 0.05 how do i interpret it?. i mean what does the p-value of 0.83 mean here?

the count table is attached below. where diabetes_t means true and diabetes_f means false on the table.

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4.5 years ago
Ahill ★ 2.0k

Assuming single-tailed test, under the null hypothesis that there is no enrichment of diabetes genes among your DE genes, the probability of a 2x2 table as extreme as yours is high (0.83). This indicates no strong evidence of an association between a gene being DE in your experiment and also being a diabetes gene.


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