Why very low percentage of reads are assigned to miRNA category by sRNAbench?
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21 months ago
biosys • 0

Hi, I have miRNA Seq data (Human). I am trying to predict miRNA from this data. However, I have seen almost half of the reads belong to 19-22bp (sequence length distribution) and another peak is detected at 32bp (I am assuming the possibility of piRNA). I am using sRNAbench for my analysis and I can find that more than 90% of reads are aligning into the reference genome. However, a very low percentage of reads are assigned for miRNA, details are the following:


Number of Raw input reads : 16979072 Number of adapter trimmed reads: 2280969 (13.434002753507377) --- Number of filtered reads ---- Quality Filtered Reads : 1717 Reads below min read count : 1961 Reads above max. length : 0 Reads below min. length : 6625 Percentage of AdapterDimer : 0.016747305086796636 Reads in analysis: 2270666 (13.373322169786428)


Detected mature miR:2 (0.08%) Detected hairpin miR:2 (0.1%)Reads mapped to miRNAs:4 (0.0%)Reads mapped to miRBase hairpins:2 (0.0%).

Is it normal ? or I am missing something somewhere?

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