Replacing NA values of a column using values from another column
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19 months ago
SGMS ▴ 110

Hi guys,

I am trying to manipulate my dataset but I have two conditions and I haven't dealt with such an issue before.

For example I have:

 ID  T   value(%)   H1   sex     H2

1   T1    38.1     15.2    F    14.5

1   T2    39.5     14.2    M    14.5

10  T1    34.1      N      F    11.4

I want to replace the NA value of H1 column, with the value in the corresponding H2's row (11.4). I have previously merged datasets based on the ID so H1 and H2 are sorted based on ID. When I try to replace the NA value of H1 with the values in H2, it says "Error in $<*tmp*, H1, value = c(14.5, 14.1, : replacement has 298 rows, data has 609".

So I guess my problem is that I want to replace my NA values using another column's rows. Is there a way of doing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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19 months ago
Sam ★ 4.4k

If you have data.table installed, and assuming your data is stored in dat

dat <-
dat[, H1:=H2]

should do

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19 months ago
Hamid Ghaedi ★ 2.5k

Say your data frame is df using base R you can do:

df[$H1), ]$H1 <- df[$H1), ]$H2

Or using ifelse:

enter image description here


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