Which tool for clustering (sub-networking) of protein-protein interaction networks based on the Gene Ontology Biological Process of proteins?
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3.4 years ago
Farah ▴ 80


I have a network of 100 proteins (without any quantitative or expression data) which I want to do clustering based on their Gene Ontology biological process inside the network to create some subnetworks of my initial network. In such a way that nodes to be coloured based on their cluster, and each cluster has its own colour. Also, after clustering, I need the layout of the initial network to be kept as before (not merging the nodes in a bigger node), and just each node to be coloured based on their cluster that they belong to. Also, shows the enriched Gene Ontology biological process of each coloured cluster. I was wondering if you could suggest me any tools especially from Cytoscape plugins that can create subnetworks using clustering based on biological process (similar to the attached figure, A part).

Thanks a lot for your help and advise.

Best regards, Farah

enter image description here

cytoscape clustering Gene Ontology sub-network • 2.0k views
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3.4 years ago
scooter ▴ 620

Answered on the Cytoscape helpdesk: https://groups.google.com/g/cytoscape-helpdesk/c/qFE4nf4o_xU


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