How correlate between transcriptome data and expression, without proteome data?
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19 months ago
Zahra ▴ 60

Hi everyone!

I want to do an integrated analysis between the expression(transcriptome data) and mutation of 14 proteins and will use ICGC data to achieve this aim. But as you know the ICGC doesn't have proteome data. How can I correlate between the expression and transcription of those proteins without any proteome data and wet lab analysis? Does it necessary?

If there is no way to correlate between them, will my findings be acceptable in terms of science?

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19 months ago

transcription of those proteins

I suppose you mean translation ?

Transcriptome data (roughly, the results of transcription and degradation on RNA abundance) only reflect the first steps of protein coding gene expression. Yet, it is widely used to assess the impact of mutation or genetic perturbations. So it is acceptable to not have proteomic data, as long as you understand that there is more than RNA abundance to "gene expression". Does it answer your question ?


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