Comparision Of Male And Female Genomic Dna - Any Sources?
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11.9 years ago

Hi there!

I have a small dataset of 454 data for Silene latifolia male and female. I am comparing male and female genomic DNA and looking for differences. I would like to add more data from other species in my analysis.

Unfortunately this is not easy - in SRA there are mostly just Illumina data. Or, sometimes there are only males sequenced (which holds for example for all marchantia 454 submissions) or there is indicated no sex (which holds for example for cannabis).

Please, are you aware of any source of sequenced male and female genomic DNA using 454 technology?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day:)

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11.9 years ago

Have you tried querying SRA with:

 (((((female) AND 454) NOT microbiome) NOT metagenome) NOT male)

This (or variations of this) query should give you an amount of starting data that you can browse to have an idea of what kind of data is available out there.


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