News:ONLINE training - Single-cell RNA-seq analysis with R/Bioconductor. 07-11 June
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Dear all,

Registrations are now open for the 4th edition of the Physalia-course on "Single-cell RNA-seq analysis with R/Bioconductor", which will be delivered remotely inJune, 7th-11th

This course will introduce biologists and bioinformaticians to the field of single-cell RNA sequencing. We will cover a range of software and analysis workflows that extend over the spectrum from the best practices in the filtering scRNAseq data to the downstream analysis of cell clusters and temporal ordering. This course will help the attendees gain accurate insights in pre-processing, analysis and interpretation of scRNAseq data.

We will start by introducing general concepts about single-cell RNA-sequencing. From there, we will then continue to describe the main analysis steps to go from raw sequencing data to processed and usable data. Finally, we will focus more specifically on the different analyses strategies to use in order to extract information from genomic datasets such as Hi-C, ATAC-seq or ChIP-seq.

Throughout the workshop, bash tools and R/Bioconductor packages will be used to analyse datasets and learn new approaches.

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