Tool:Analyze & Visualize Nephele Microbiome Results Using MicrobiomeDB
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12 weeks ago

A new feature is available in Nephele allowing users to analyze and visualize their results using the data-mining web platform MicrobiomeDB.

What is Nephele?

Nephele ( is a web-based bioinformatics platform developed by the NIAID, specializing in computational pipelines for microbiome and viral variant sequence analysis.

What is MicrobiomeDB?

MicrobiomeDB ( is a discovery tool that empowers researchers to fully leverage their experimental metadata to construct queries that interrogate microbiome datasets.

How Do Nephele and MicrobiomeDB Work Together?

  • Use Nephele's pipelines to analyze microbiome raw sequence data and/or perform additional downstream filtering and diversity analyses.
  • Explore MicrobiomeDB's curated microbiome database with a set of interactive metadata, analysis tools, and visualization tools. Researchers can now upload Nephele results to a private workspace in MicrobiomeDB to use these tools with their own data.
  • Look for the "Analyze with MicrobiomeDB" link on the Results page of Nephele's DADA2, Downstream analysis, and mothur pipelines to automatically transfer your results. Visit the Nephele Tutorials page to learn more.
  • In future development, we hope to add this feature to Nephele's shotgun pipelines and upcoming metagenomics pipelines.

Visit bioinformatics @NIAID to learn about additional computational development projects and follow @NIAIDBioIT on Twitter for bioinformatics-related news and information.

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