Rna-Seq Datasets From Genetic Association Studies?
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11.7 years ago
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Are there public or semi-public RNA-seq datasets on groups of individuals with matched phenotype data? Humans or model organisms would both be useful.

For example, are there any GWAS studies that have matching RNA-seq experiments for a subset of the samples?

I know of the two papers that performed RNA-seq on a set of HapMap samples (here's one), but I'm hoping to find a dataset with greater medical relevance (or at least some set of reported phenotypes).

The ENCODE datasets are promising but lack enough natural genetic diversity (for my purposes) and don't have phenotypes.

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11.7 years ago
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In case anyone is following and interested, I'll report the only two things I've found:

  1. "Genome-wide analysis of allelic expression imbalance in human primary cells by high-throughput transcriptome resequencing." The authors did RNA-seq on four HapMap samples.
  2. The Mouse Genome Project. They have RNA-seq from several tissues from (up to) 17 mouse strains.

Still curious to learn of more, if anyone knows of good studies.


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