Off topic:How To Extracting Fastq Sequence For Given Fastq Ids And Fastq File
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11.0 years ago
Raghav ▴ 100

I have a text file which contain fastq ids and another file is my original fastq file which is approx 14GB. Is there any efficient program which could help me to extract fastq seq according to my IDs are like:

@lcl|SRR681003.3 SN603:5:1101:47.10:122.20 length=100

@lcl|SRR681003.14 SN603:5:1101:57.10:114.60 length=100

@lcl|SRR681003.16 SN603:5:1101:72.70:115.10 length=100

@lcl|SRR681003.19 SN603:5:1101:54.80:117.50 length=100

@lcl|SRR681003.22 SN603:5:1101:50.60:119.00 length=100

it is very easy to extract fasta seq for given id by using fastacmd but no idea how to extract fastq files of desire ids

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