Analyzing Overlap Of Results Between Blast Queries. Is There A Tool For This? If Not What About This Approach?
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9.5 years ago
tyler.weirick ▴ 120

I am using various set of enzymes organized into classes in my research. As part of this I use PSI-BLAST to increase the size of my data sets. I known there is a large amount of overlap returned in the results but I would like to get a better view of what is going on exactly. I would prefer not to reinvent the wheel, so I looked around at visualization tools but most of the things I found seem to be meant for visualization of alignment.

Since I can't find what I am looking for, I plan to write my own program to do this. Just to make sure I wonder in any of you know of a tool that can help out this this type of visualization? Or possibly this is a waste of time?

The program I have planned would convert blast output into a heat map with queries on one axis and results on the other. The colors of the boxes for the heat map would could be determined by e-value, score, etc. What do you think? At first I thought about trying to make a graph but I decided that would be too hard to read. Is there some other better approach I am missing?

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I might be missing something here but what are you actually BLASTing in the first place? If there are overlap with BLAST results, maybe try assembling data de novo?


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