News:Tuesday 10/29 Live Tour Of New Features In Integrated Genome Browser 8
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10.7 years ago
Ann ★ 2.4k

Please join us for a live, on-line tutorial introducing IGB 8, a preview of an upcoming release of the Integrated Genome Browser:

Live tutorial: New features in IGB 8 two sessions

  • Tues 9 am Eastern (US) Oct 29 (first showing) Join
  • Tues 1 pm Eastern (US) Oct 29 (second showing) Join

Integrated Genome Browser (IGB) is a highly interactive, fast and flexible desktop genome browser mainly used to view data from RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and other genome-scale data sets. You can use IGB to visualize and explore your data, make notes on what you find, and create sophisticated graphics for publications, slides, and posters.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use IGB 8 to:

  • Load your own custom genome
  • Load and filter RNA-Seq data
  • Make graphs from high-quality reads
  • Color-code features by score (inspired by Cytoscape)
  • Run BLASTX searches at NCBI (inspired by Apollo)
  • And much more...

To test-run IGB 8, download and launch IGB 8 preview from

To download and start the currently released version of IGB (IGB 7.0.3), go to and follow the Download links.

If you have questions or need assistance, let us know. Contact:

Alyssa Gulledge (Outreach and Testing Coordinator)

Ann Loraine (PI, IGB project)

Note: Attendance is limited to the first 25 participants who sign in. For recording, visit the IGB YouTube channel

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I was going to highlight this video soon on our blog, but when I went to look today it was marked "private":

Is that intended? Or is there another version of this available?

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Sorry for the inconvenience - we made the video "private" because of some issues with the sound. I've changed the setting to "public" -- if you can overlook the patchy audio, it will be (I hope!) a useful introduction to IGB. Feedback and comments are welcome!


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