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8.7 years ago
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I just saw in the Illumina website and in numerous news sites the following and looks like it's big news.

I am not affiliated in any way whatsoever with the manufacturer so all the presented data are derived from the relevant website.

Taken from the relevant press release: (

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 14, 2014-- Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN) today announced the immediate availability of a transformative addition to its industry-leading next-generation sequencing portfolio with the launch of the NextSeq 500 System. The new sequencer packs high-throughput performance into an affordable desktop form factor, enabling researchers to perform the most popular sequencing applications in less than a day. The NextSeq 500 System is priced at $250,000.

The NextSeq 500 System delivers the power of high-throughput sequencing with the load-and-go simplicity of a desktop sequencer, effectively transforming a broad range of high-throughput applications into affordable, everyday research tools. Its push-button operation delivers a one-day turnaround for a number of popular sequencing applications, including one whole human genome and up to 16 exomes, up to 20 non-invasive prenatal testing samples, up to 20 transcriptomes, up to 48 gene expression samples and up to 96 targeted panels.

With its streamlined informatics, sequencing data can be run through a range of open source or commercial pipelines or instantly transferred, analyzed, and stored securely in BaseSpace® or the new BaseSpace® OnSite for researchers needing an on premises solution.

Users also have the flexibility to switch to lower throughput sequencing as needed, and while other platforms require several pieces of specialized equipment, the NextSeq 500 System integrates cluster generation and sequencing into a single instrument. Data is generated in as little as 12 hours for a 75 cycle sequencing run and less than 30 hours for paired 150 cycle reads.

The new system is supported by the full suite of Illumina sample preparation and target enrichment solutions, offering library compatibility across the entire Illumina sequencing portfolio. Its configurable output supports a wide range of applications and sample sizes with the accuracy of Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology.

By checking out the relevant pdfs and the product's page, I could make out the following:

Sequencing Throughput per run: 20 - 120 Gb

Read Length: up to 2 X 150 bp

Reads per run: 130 - 400M

There seem to be 2 type of Flow Cell configurations: High Output and Mid Output

High Output

Supports: 1 X 75bp, 2 X 75bp, 2 X 150 bp and output from 25 to 120 Gb

Gene Expression (>10M reads, 1 X 75 bp) / Max Samples: 40 / Time: 11h

mRNA-Seq (>40M reads, 2 X 75 bp) / Max Samples: 10 / Time: 18h

Whole Exome (>90% at > 10 coverage) / Max Samples: 9 / Time: 18h

Whole Genome (3GB Genome, >30x coverage, 2 X 150bp) / Max Samples: 1 / Time: 29h

Mid Output

Supports: 2 X 75bp and 2 X 150 bp and output from 16 to 39 Gb

mRNA-Seq (>40M reads, 2 X 75 bp) / Max Samples: 3 / Time: 15h

Whole Exome (>90% at > 10 coverage) / Max Samples: 3 / Time: 15h

Enrichment Panel (>20X coverage at 95% targets, 12Mb region) / Max Samples: 20 / Time: 26h

In the tables there were no info on Enrcichment Panels for the High Output configuration but in the main pdf text there were the following mentions:

With this instrument researchers can sequence:

1-16 exomes per run

1-20 transcriptomes per run

6-96 targeted panels per run

12-40 gene expression profiling per run

That's what seemed to me as the juiciest parts of the pdf, specs and relevant web pages.



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