News:Us Researchers: Help Influence Stem Education With New Nsf Strategies (Deadline Next Tuesday)
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10.4 years ago
Mary 11k

Sorry for the short notice, I just found out about this yesterday. But there's a really neat new NSF "Dear Colleague" letter issued that is craving some influence of the genoscenti.

They have this new format called "Ideas Labs" where they pull together a bunch of interested folks, and brainstorm about some new and adventurous ways to combat challenges in STEM education. And I suspect readers here have some ideas about the gaps and needs especially around this aspect:

Specifically, these are “the ability to use quantitative reasoning” and “the ability to use modeling and simulation”, to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and complexity of biological systems. In addition, many areas of biology, from molecular, organismal through ecosystems studies, are reliant on large databases. Biologists of the future will require the mathematical and theoretical foundations necessary to abstract systems-level knowledge from complex data sets. These skills will be important also for proper database management, preservation of the data collected, and effective use of the information they contain.

And what happens (supposedly) is that the brainstorming/workshopping/networking form groups that will submit a proposal to NSF to try to implement this new strategy with good resourcing (= $$).

So if this is something you are interested in, consider firing off the short 2-page application. If you want to contact someone as NSF to learn more about it--that's always wise. Trey offers help here: and he can connect you to people to answer your questions.

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Note: if you are considering this and aren't already in the FastLane system, you have to register + get approval by sending in a @#$!#% form before you can even log in. And note that after login there are some fixes you need to make to the form, which are detailed on the front of the FastLane system right now. See advisories.


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