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16 months ago
carlopecoraro2 ★ 2.1k

Dear all,

registrations are now open for our 4-day course on "Conservation Genomics", which will occurr online in September (27th-30th)

This course will introduce biologists to how the tools of population genomics can be used to inform conservation. The instructors will guide students through study design, genomic data collection methods, handling of raw genomic data, and SNP filtering to produce a dataset. Then, we will work through a suite of analyses looking at population structure, local adaptation, effective population size, inbreeding and relatedness. We will provide background on the theory and application of these analyses, and then run hands-on exercises running analyses and interpreting results. Through hands-on exercises, the course will teach basic bioinformatics skills and how to manipulate, visualize and interpret genomic data and patterns in a conservation related context.

Learning outcomes

  1. Study design and genomic data collection methods
  2. Handling genomic data from raw reads to a filtered dataset of SNP genotypes
  3. Assessing population structure using multiple methods
  4. Searching for signals of adaptation
  5. Estimating effective population size
  6. Calculating inbreeding
  7. Estimating relatedness


The full list of our online courses can be found here:

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