MACS2 Summit TSSPlot dividing BDG into bins
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16 months ago
Seigfried ▴ 80


I have a bigwig / bedgraph file of Chip-Seq data for the whole genome. I ran MACS2 Callpeaks and found summits from the output file so I have the summit positions on the different chromosomes.

I want to make a plot using 1500 base pair flanking regions to the summit divided into bins 100 base pair each. I need values for every 100 base pair bin in the form of a table so that I can essentially get 15 values and make a heatmap. Every row would be a ChipSeq peak

Is there a way to do this? I looked through packages like bedtools genomecov but it doesnt seem to do what I am asking about and I find GRanges quite complicated

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