Are there alternatives to LOBICO? Logic combinations to predict a response variable.
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19 months ago
brianj.park ▴ 50

Hi all, I am trying to create a model of drug response vs. mutation data in certain cell lines, where I can study the effect of a combination of the mutations (i.e., combination of feature variables in the model to predict the response). This Nature paper describes essentially what I need: However, their program LOBICO seem to be unsupported and the adapted R package RLOBICO ( refuses to run on my hardware. Are there alternatives to do something similar? Something like a random forests model could work as well but I don't think I can extract combinatory effects between the predictors.

Thank you.

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11 months ago

Hi Brijani,

Have you found a solution to your issue so far? I'd be interested as well. Btw, the paper where the LOBICO makers apply their method ( mentions random forest and EN regression models as well, maybe having a look into that could help you.

Best wishes, Andi


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