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5 months ago
Mensur Dlakic ★ 14k

It seems that customizable heatmaps in R are often on our menu, right after questions regarding various manipulations of fasta/q files. I don't use R often and don't know how this package compares to what is out there already, but the clarity of figures in this paper is something that hopefully all of us would like.

R heatmap customize • 272 views
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ComplexHeatmap is great, very versatile with lots of options to customize and add features, such as rw and column annotations- and decorations. It by now has that many features, options and settings that I personally at times feel overwhelmed with it and then struggle/have to spend quite some time to find the correct options and settings despite being a more or less experienced R user. CH is definitely worth spending some time with, but new users should be aware that it is not something that you learn in just like 10' and then are able to use all its extensive features, for me (not representative of course) it took quite some time to get my head around it.

What you link is the preprint of the associated Shiny app for hands-on interaction with the generated heatmaps. Never used it myself, but probably worth a shot for interactive data analysis. The developer has linked some tutorials e.g. on Twitter:


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