GSEA error message help: Empty Gene Line
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2.8 years ago
Genosa ▴ 160 Empty gene line: <!DOCTYPE html> at row: 0 at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/ at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/ at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/ at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/ at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/ at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/xtools.api.param.GeneSetMatrixMultiChooserParam._getObjects( at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/xtools.api.param.GeneSetMatrixMultiChooserParam._getGeneSets( at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/xtools.api.param.GeneSetMatrixMultiChooserParam.getGeneSetMatrixCombo( at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/xtools.gsea.Gsea.execute( at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/xtools.api.AbstractTool.module_main( at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/org.genepattern.modules.GseaWrapper.main( at org.gsea_msigdb.gsea/xapps.gsea.CLI.main("

I am using GSEA to do some data analysis (online version GenePattern) and I have been constantly stuck at this Empty gene line: <!DOCTYPE html> at row: 0 error message. What does this actually mean? The GCT file, CLS file, geneset database gmt file (I'm using BTM) are all uploaded. Hence I am not sure what has gone wrong.

This is the snippet of the GCT file:

22479   3
Gene    Gene Title  d1_fc   d3_fc   d7_fc
IGHM    NA  1.15955 1.10151 3.06971

This is the CLS file format:

1 3 7 

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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