How to get names of RNA/DNA?
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4 months ago

I have this file of RNA names over Human blood, brain, and breast (see example of file below). I use the SRA toolkit to fetch the FASTA representation of them using a Bash script and therefore the names of the DNA/RNA is really nice.

I have built a data structure holding each of the RNA/DNA files and I now need to test my data structure on some new data to see if it works properly.

Is there a way for me to get names of RNA/DNA over fx. Covid-19 proteins so I can fetch them using the bash script I have? Actually, any file of RNA/DNA names would suffice.

Many thanks in advance.

blood SRR1186053 8399571400 5850
blood SRR805782 724114625 412
blood SRR837459 1313374050 841
blood SRR837458 494230650 290
blood SRR837453 840761200 536
blood SRR837451 1018485250 614
blood SRR837450 1019061950 658
blood SRR837457 1019789600 655
blood SRR837456 610770300 353
blood SRR837455 606516300 363
blood SRR837454 761399300 488
blood SRR387777 1102746708 1302
blood SRR403018 224505260 151
blood SRR403019 733030347 507
... etc.
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