Locating a single cell data set
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2.8 years ago
zizigolu ★ 4.3k


I have read this paper two times throughly


They are reporting scRNA-seq which I can not find any accession number for GEO, or GitHub, anywhere else where they may deposited their data

I have contacted the authors but no answer from them

Can somebody skim over this paper to see where I can find their data because I want to re-analyze their data for my purpose

Thank you in advance

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2.8 years ago
EagleEye 7.5k


I had a look at "Prof. Andreas Raue" original article for this dataset.

"The raw Ovarian Cancer ascites RNA-seq read data has not been submitted to a public repository due to privacy concerns, but can be made available upon reasonable request to the corresponding author pending appropriate approval from study participants. The authors declare that all the other data supporting the findings of this study are available within the article and its supplementary information files and from the corresponding author upon reasonable request."

If the authors of the article you mentioned can get access to these datasets, you will also get access by contacting "Prof. Andreas Raue". If he doesn't respond, you better contact Nature communications saying authors don't respond to the data requests. But wait at least wait for 3-4 weeks after the email to the authors.


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