What is the fastest way to create an online server that allows searching through a table
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12 months ago
jamespower ▴ 100


I have a a large dataset which has information in columns of the table of a protein name and a gene name. I would like to put it online on a public server in some way that is searchable by the scientific community by protein name and by gene name, and possibly links to other established databases such as UniProt.

I saw that there is the possibility of using mySQL, but before diving into learning mySQL (which I am not sure how long it could take), I am curious about what the community of BiosStars suggest, in case there are faster alternatives.

I code in R normally and I saw the R Shiny, could this be a good alternative to mySQL to build an online seacrhable database? What are the pros/cons from people's experiences?

Thank you for your thoughts, James

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12 months ago
Zhilong Jia ★ 2.1k

using DT, creating a searchable table on the web,

shiny, building for a webserver,

and dplyr, interacting with mysql, will be a quick way.


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